MSR's ABCs & Minis

SE-02 Bass Grease now served: patches 1-88 shift from subby basses, to bright vocalizations, afterwards shifting through designing, developing leads, and drum/rhythmic moves, to a detailed, multidimensional FX shatter, akin to my Designer Series Bass & Booty 1st and soul-driven BME patch banks for our ATC series synths.

Patches 89-128 recreate classic Minimoog patches drawn mainly from revered R 'n' B records, whose thinly veiled origins should not be opaque to anyone upon perusing the included Numbers doc. I remember the matching being so good at times, that I got "inside of the records", as I played worshipfully along; the brilliant sound engine of the '02 doing most of the work; I MSR, just had to put my ears and head into that 70s-80s-90s Mini space and tone dimension. Note to chops: should be an everyday exercise...

Some of these patches will be familiar as a few are included unadulterated in the factory ROM set (Banks A, B, C, and now D), but even those have been refined and focused on the prime directive: vintage analog grease, with a closing spotlight on those (almost exclusively) revered Minimoog synth bass essentials. Certified bangers in here waiting on your touch and tracks.

Marc St. Regis 3-14-18

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