Designed specifically for the SE-02, the Ext Box is a multi-function external controller, offering high CV resolution filter frequency control with a full-sized knob. It also features an 1/8" to 1/4" connection converter for External Input and Audio Out. A drive-adjustable hi-pass filter with attenuation, rich overdrive and extremely potent boost, add rich character and depth, while expanded external input control, expressive gate triggering for external signal/sample manipulation, expand and inspire; let it breathe new life and fire into your SE-02.

And what the Ext Box does for the SE-02, it can for many desktop synths and modules which offer some combination of External Input control, CV, Gate, and VCF CV connections; we recommend our Boomstar and Boomstar Modular Eurorack modules—especially the Tonestar.

Due to overwhelming demand, new orders—as of 9.20.18—now shipping 10.1.18.

Highlights Include:
  • Variable high-pass filter with drive control, for severe distortion and gain boost with on/off switch

  • Interface to 1/4 connection world: external input, audio output

  • Secondary CV input

  • Filter CV source switch: knob or secondary source selection—such as your modular

  • 3 gate options: fixed gate switch, momentary gate switch (transformer), external gate input

  • Large filter control knob for smooth or sharp highly articulated sweeps

  • Back panel 1/8"-1/4" connections: 1/8” and 1/4" inputs; 1/8” and 1/4” outputs

  • Din interconnect: Output, Ext Input, VCF CV, Gate (cable included)

  • True bypass

  • Eurorack voltage compatible

  • Interfaces with other desktop and modular synths

  • 12v 3 prong low profile power adapter: one socket space for the US supply; the EU/UK supply is slightly larger and heavier

  • Identical Roland®-style metal sides $17.99. Sold separately; ships 9.28.18 (item will be added to SE store on 9.26.18)

  • Compatible with SidesExotica® http://www.studioelectronics.com/online-store/index.php?rt=product/product&path=38&product_id=184

  • Metal and wood sides sold separately


Full specs, demos and proper web page coming soon... MSR


Will the changes on the EXT BOX affect the SE USB audio output? I also use USB but not for DAW but for audio and midi with my MX-1?

Two takes on the Ext Box USB/analog Audio Out skinny:

Marc St. Regis

The SE-02 produces analog and USB audio simultaneously, and as a result, with the Ext Box is connected, the SE-02's analog signal, passing through the Ext Box's drive/hi-pass circuits, will continue through to the Ext Box's audio output. To clarify, the 12dB (6dB slope) drive/hi-pass audio path, sourced from the SE-02 and/or the External Input, is analog and passes only to the Ext Box audio output (1/8" and 1/4"). The frequency CV and gate are very high resolution digital controls, and affect the USB and analog audio. The Ext Box allows very smooth filter frequency manipulation (VCF Cutoff), expanded gate functionality, and external input processing to pass back to USB audio: plenty there for the for USB-only audio enthusiasts to discover, without the benefit of the Drive and Hi Pass filter in the mix, which of course is nevertheless always outputted.

Tim Caswell

The Xbox will affect the VCF Cutoff, the External Input, and the Gate in the USB output. The Hi Pass and Overdrive will not be heard thru the USB connection, only the 1/8 and 1/4" outputs of the EXT Box.