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ATC-X 1.3 OS


The studioelectronics yahoo user's group problem:

"I just received an ATC-1 today and so far I'm very impressed with it's sound. However, when I was scrolling in some of the messages here I found that you can't save externally edited patches. Now, I got this synth specifically with the idea of using an external controler to program it..."

The Tim Caswell's solution:

This comes up a lot, so here's the story. The official MIDI spec says that Continuous Controllers are to be used for sound modification, not editing. In our implementation, assignable MIDI controllers (mod, breath, aftertouch, etc.) are scalable. Since these controllers are 7 bit (128 steps), they can be somewhat rough sounding, depending on what they are used for. By using a selectable percentage of the available range, they can be scaled into smaller steps, resulting in a smoother and more controllable response.

The result, however, is not compatable with the original patch data in the edit buffer and so cannot be allowed to edit the patch data. On the other hand, some of the parameters that have dedicated controller numbers (osc waveforms, for example) can be edited via MIDI, although this is contrary to the MIDI spec. The MIDI implementation on Studio Electronic's products was designed primarily for utility in a performance or sequencing sense and was never intended to be used for patch editing.

Other manufacturers may interpret the spec differently, or ignore it, but ours was strutured this way after much debate and deliberation. However, with the advent of dedicated knob or slider controllers that send CC, many people want to be able to edit patches this way. Since we want our customers to be relatively happy, updates for the original ATC-1 and ATC-X have just been completed.


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