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Want that spongy, rubbery VCA found in our SE-1X and the MidiMini paired with true sine wave generation, that harkens back to the glory days of the ARPs? The MidiMiniafy mod brings a fully discrete VCA and pure sine wave generation––OSC 1's traingle gets converted––to the ATC and Omega Series* synths. Stock, the ATC and Omegas employ a transistor array in their final amplifier stage ala the Moog® Source. No longer.

Now both the legacy ATC-1, the ATC-1X and the Omegas can swing warmer, go deeper and speaker hug as convincingly as the SE-1X and MidiMini. Let the pipe rattling begin.

Factory installation recommended. Available in kit form for the ATC synths and their handy owners. 8-pack for total Omega coverage.

*Large Chassis only.

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