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Subject: Dealer Employee Purchase on Omega
Date: 2/17/09 7:58 PM
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Hello... I spoke to someone at SE on the phone yesterday about Red Eye and a dealer salesman discount for an ATC-Xi. The person on the phone gave me a great discount, but after going through your website, I think i NEED and Omega. Can you send me my price for an Omega 4 or Omega 6? Also how much extra would it be to add the CS80 filters on both... for all voices. I have sold my CS50 and Multimoog for this... I am very excited. I already have two original SE1's... Great stuff guys!!!
Roland S. Perez
Sam Ash Store 59 San Antonio Texas

Subject: omega info and upgrades
Date: 2/13/09 4:55 PM
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this is from Roma (happy owner of a ?15 years old SE1). I asked questions about your Omega 8 other times. Maybe I've come full circle in considering an analog poly...
So, here I am.
Let's say a British guy is selling his Code Omega 8, including the CS80 filter pack, at an interesting price. Would really love to get a new one, non-code, from you (I like the arpeggiator, what else does the Code sacrifice?), but these are hard times financially... and, could the "Salvation Pads" bank be mounted on the Code? Thank you very much
I am a loyal SE1 lover, and you may know that the Vulture area (seems to me some of you have their roots in Rionero in Vulture) is home to one of my favorite (and overall best) red wines in Southern Italy, called the Aglianico
best, ciao
Massimo Santantonio

Subject: Omega 8
Date: 1/7/09 10:22 AM
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Hey guys, happy new year. Just wanted to let you know that the Omega sounds GREAT! Still no issues whatsoever..
I'm writing you to ask if you can PLEEEASE implement different split options in multi mode when your doing the new OS? 1/7 simply isn't enough. There are many times when I want to play a chords on the bottom with a lead on top for instance, but the most usable would be at least the 4/4 and maybe 2/6 split options.. I actually bought an OB-Xa recently just to have the 4/4 split (and the CEM sound of course). I like to relate the Omega to the OB-X which I owned years ago sound wise, but sold it because it was just too limited. The Omega just has everything I could ever ask for plus a lot more..
Jay Keel
Skyline Audio/Visual, Inc.

Subject: OMEGA 8 optional filters and patch banks
Date: 12/4/08 5:07 PM
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Hi guys,
I am happy owner of Omega 8 bought two years ago through Vintage King. It was fitted with CS-80 Eight Filters set and Arp 2600 2 Filter + 303 Filter. I would like to buy more filer cards (4 x Arp 2600 and 1 z 303) + additional patch banks. I have patches in A, B and C banks of my Omega (I think Bank 3 New Theriot Sounds were purchased together with synth, if I'm not wrong).
So, how to add newer banks that are advertised on your site (I'm not tech oriented and it is slightly confusing, sorry for that). Omega 8 is really great and I can't stop recommend it. I'll much appreciate your offer and response.
Take care
Greg Yang

Subject: Omega8
Date: 11/18/08 3:25 PM
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I'm a fred falke's friend and i work with laurent wolf a french DJ. i try his omega 8 and i like very much
may be i would like to buy one.
could you send me the price and how many time you send me in france in toulouse. is it very interrested to have optionnal filter with omega 8???
best regards
PS : soory but my english is very bad

Subject: Re: Fw: Omega & Code
Date: 9/23/08 9:40 PM
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This communication is so cool, sheer fun :-)
This adventure of discovering, earning, experiencing these
beloved masterpieces and having this dialog
in syntony of spirit and soul is definately a unique feast :-)

You are so right, what a sound ! This literally flashed trough my mind, when suddenly it was there.
I know, that all things, made with passion and soul have soul themselves.
They are alive.

We're able to listen to them, hearing and feeling the magic.
All my equipment fellows are of this kind and most of them are analog.
Well, having the strong need, to play with my two new fellows of sound night
and day, I must enforce myself to sleep and to other duties from time to time.
So this is a quick sign of life and hello to you from rainy Germany to
sunny California ( I really have to catch a plane and come over some time - for the first time -
a guy, who names his studio Pacific Sound .... ;-) )
Will send a couple of pics, if you like, to show, what kind of home the two beauties have ;-)
Writing asap when I'll have time to go through my questions.
Hans aka A.C. Soul

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