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Subject: Re: Fw: Omega & Code
Date: 9/21/08 8:32 PM
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Round 2
enjoying and really understanding your outstanding words
I went into my studio, my two darlings waiting for me,
deep and sweet secrets behind magical glowing lights.
Gently touching knobs and buttons, interacting in an intuitive
and indiscribable way.
And all of a sudden it's there.
Sounds I never heard before, but always imagined.
Locking to the REAL soul of these technical and emotional creatures.
Time and place doesn't exist anymore, only me and them.
Holding chords, holding ONE note, never wanting to release the key.
And I can't stop ....
Now I understand.

I knew it. Congrats and thanks ! Writing again soon. Will stay tuned.

Subject: Re: Fw: Omega & Code
Date: 9/20/08 4:30 PM
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thanks alot for your very nice and inspiring message !
I will gather my questions and thoughts over the weekend
and then will be glad to write back to you.
And just let me say, that your synth sounds are the very best
I've ever heard.

Subject: Omega-8 Code Warranty follow
Date: 9/14/08 1:06 PM
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i'm a fresh and lucky owner of a "second hand" Omega-8 Code (red code) bought from florian weber in France.
he told me was till on warranty (i hope cause he bought it around march 2008), and also would like to register it for support: serial number P ...
Pelletier Benjamin
Cannes, France
p.s. this gear sounds fantastic !
Warm Regards,

Subject: Omega upgrade, op-amps, DIY, CS filters, everything...
Date: 8/19/08 7:16 AM
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Greetings Analogians!
I bought a used Omega 8 some time ago (Empyreal front panel, first voice with 2600 and 303 filters). It is really better than I ever expected. Even my band mates commented on the beautiful sound it made. But if I'm correct in understandind, these Empyreal models are rather old by now, so they could benefit from the Omega "Tune-up" with the new microcontroller, snappier envelopes, etc. So, I'd love to get that. And those discrete Op-Amps, I'd love to have them too :)

But as I live in Finland (a Scandinavian welfare nation of five million stuck in-between Sweden and Russia, a land of thousands of lakes, dark winters, summers with midnight sun... and home of the real Santa Clause... and Nokia), I'm thinking a DIY route is the way to go. I know a capable tech from my town and the "Tune-Up Kit" would probably be a breeze for him... How about those discrete VCAs? I'm mainly using the Omega as a classic analogue polysynth, in a pop/rock band (think ELO, but with less talent. ELO's Richard Tandy is an Omega user, BTW. You can see one in their Zoom live DVD). And I'm very happy with the way the Omega sounds as it is... In your opinion, is there any sense in beefing up the VCAs any further? I have a MidiMini on the way that I'll be using for leads anyway... A long post (sorry!),
Best regards,
Matti-Juhana Ikonen

Subject: Orion Galaxy Omega 8?
Date:8/2/08 9:11 AM
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Hi SE,
You have combined my two favorite products - analog synths and modern furniture - in to one product!
How much for an 8 voice Orion with CS-80 filters? Whatever happend to the flanger filters?
Kent Friedman

Subject: My Omega 8...
Date: 5/26/08 4:00 AM
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You guys are geniuses! This shit sounds radical.... Love the sequency LFO stuff you put on there... Not bad for a bunch of caucasians!!!!
Track&Field Production

Subject: [studioelectronics] Re: New Omega owner, and a question
Date: 5/22/08 3:01 PM
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I got the Omega today. Eight voices, one additional 2600 filter (love it), one 303 filter, an Empyreal front panel... and a fantastic sound :)
It desperately needs the snappification mod (though it's not THAT bad)... and after having the Omega side by-side with an SE-1X, I'm pretty sure the discrete VCA mod will make the Omega sound even more extrasuperfantastic :D (if anyone can offer any opinions about this mod, I'd love to hear them).

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