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Subject: Omega8
Date: 1/27/08 8:45 AM
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i own a Omega8 it sounds fantastic!
Regards, Siggi

Subject: omega 2
Date: 12/11/07 8:45 AM
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Do ya'll make the Omega 2 voice anymore? If not, does the 2 voice CODE have the fully discreet VCA a la the SE-1 and midinify mod? Love your gear, Ive owned the SE-1, ATC-1, and ATC-X, and am ready to go for the one of the big boys now.....Happy holidays dudes, ya'll are my heros......

Subject: [studioelectronics] Re: Tell me why I should or shouldn't switch my ATCX for a Omega 2
Date: 10/21/06 9:26 AM
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I own an Omega-8 with CS-80 filters. Without a doubt, the CS filters are a reason in themselves to look
seriously at the Omega.
They have a certain sound that works fantastically for leads IMO - they also get down and dirty - capable of really nasty distortion when provoked.

Subject: Omega Bank 3: Theriot
Date: 8/11/06 6:13 PM
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Hi, I recently received new Omega-8 through Vintage King.
It's awesome and great sounding synth.
My specs included some additional filters (CS60, ARP) and Omega Bank 3: Theriot...
Thanks for support.
Best regards
Greg Y.

Subject: omega PYT remix
Date: 7/23/06 10:25 PM
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check it out, omega, a bit of effects.... ATC is bass, Omega is both chord tracks... and 808
i love this thing, in love,,, fu@#!

Subject: RE: Re: [studioelectronics] Re: Questions about Omega 8
Date: 7/12/06 4:49 AM
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I totally second Watson's views on the Omega. I've had mine for about 6 years now, and whilst lots of other pieces have come and gone, the Omega sits like a rock in our studio. It's in pretty much every mix we deliver, in one form or another, and it will be the last thing I ever sell. I've never missed Poly AT (did other original analog polys have Poly AT?), but I would desperately miss the warm, ear-hugging tone it brings to our mixes. I've played with the Andromeda, Voyager etc., and I don't believe the Omega can be replaced. Plus the OS is rock solid stable now, and the way SE keep on tweaking, adding, improving, releasing new filters, just makes it get better and better. I don't generally get emotional about gear, it's just a commodity, but the Omega really is something special.

Subject: Re: Re: [studioelectronics] Re: Questions about Omega 8
Date: 7/12/06 4:14 AM
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even without polyAT the omega is a great synth, i also own most of the modern analogs ... and have too moved away from the vintage up-keep. my band is working on its first real record... [with] the omega and it has really added a lot to our songs... my bandmates and i are very happy with the omega... they are just musicians and are not very educated/practiced in sound creation and everytime i finish a patch... they are very inspired and vice versa... they will be going through the verse or chorus and i will just start tweaking and then we just find this magic spot on certain settings and they get this big smile on their faces... the se1x nova is also an awesome piece... i love the SE family and will continue to pinch pennys/beg/not steal, but borrow so i can keep up... i cant wait to save up enough to load my omega up with cs80 filters. i am always tempted to sell the atc x quad to do this, but i know i would regret it so i just keep saving and trying to add to my collection. **smacks hand for even bringing up the idea again**

Subject: Re: [studioelectronics] Questions about Omega 8
Date: 7/9/06 7:59 PM
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Maybe not exactly like a CS-80 but believe me this synth has a really rich, full sound in addition to crystal clear high end that in my opinion is unsurpassed. I think my Jupiter 8 might be a tad warmer, but it is much more lacking with respect to the lush high frequencies compared to the stellar Omega 8. I think as a CS80 owner you would be very happy with the Omega 8 although you would probably want to get 6 or 8 voices version so you can layer up those CS-80 style pads. I am thinking of upgrading to an 8 voice Code in order to make some lush, animated analog layered pad sounds (drool). I do have the CS80 filters in my Omega though and they really do have that great fuzzy cloud-like presence with slightly attenuated low end that only the CS80 filters can produce. Please note though that I do not own a CS-80 and have only head Vangelis CDs and played with Arturia's virtual version which of course the Omega 8 lays waste to in a matter of milliseconds.

Subject: omega on screen
Date: 5/24/06 10:51 AM
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Hi Greg,
I've finally been able to work on a documentary soundtrack these last weeks. It's mainly orchestral stuff, based on samples/virtual instruments. But I've taken this opportunity to switch my beloved Omega on (that I once tried to sell because of financial issues, we all know what it is, but I guess I asked a deliberate, though almost unconscious, high price tag to be sure I'ld keep it at hand).

I switched it on after long month of "dust gathering" and tweaked and played and used it passionnately for some deep bass drones, FX, sweeps, missiles engines, submarines propulsion and these infamous lush pads the Omega is highly capable of. The submarine documentary (wich is 80mn long) is planned to be launched in september on the french network : "France 5" then "France 3" (not the cable but the main network), prime time. I wanted to share that exciting news with you, because I didn't have the chance yet to use my Omega 8 as it deserves and I enjoy it so much each time I'm playing it, even if it's just hours of dumb tweaking.

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