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Subject: [studioelectronics] RE: Omega8 for psytrance/techno
Date: 5/22/06 5:39 AM
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I'm surprised that this synth isn't more popular among psy
trance artists given the apocalyptic sounds this box can generate.
that might have something to do with its cost

Subject: [studioelectronics] Omega8 for psytrance/techno
Date: 5/20/06 1:03 PM
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Hi SE fans,
I am almost finished with a track where all but two of the many synth leads are made with with an Omega 8. I think it demonstrates the capability of this synth to make incredibly dynamic arpeggios and leads. I'm surprised that this synth isn't more popular among psy trance artists given the apocalyptic sounds this box can generate.

Personally I think it is the best modern true analog synth in production for techno, trance, psytrance etc. leads due to the rich oscillators combined with crystalline lowpass, highpass and bandpass filters. I've said it before but I just can't get the degree of motion and high frequency harmonics out of the Voyager. Also the Andromeda sounds good but a bit subdued to me in the higher frequencies. These other synths have their strengths but for pure punch, clarity and high end shimmering I would say the Omega cannot be beat. Haven't heard the sunsyn though. The polyevolver doesn't do it for me either because there is no resonant hipass or bandpass filter. What are these other guys thinking to only have a lowpass filter?

Several of the omega synth leads and arpeggios are processed with metaflanger, grm tools comb filter (one lead) and of course digital delay, but you will still hear many slowly evolving arpeggios and leads that originated from the omega 8...
Kent (aka Mind Warped)

Subject: [studioelectronics] Re: omega 8 won from ebay!!
Date: 5/1/06 2:58 AM
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Congrats on the Omega8 8-voice. I'm the owner of the unit and you can rest assured this is one of the cleanest ones arround. This unit was personally used by Rodney Jerkins (Dark Child) on many projects including Britney Spears and will be in your posession shortly. Please take great care of the unit as this particular unit has been blessed by one of R&B/HipHop producers on the planet. I will leave a couple of presets created on the C bank for your enjoyment.
Anthony Cathey

Subject: [studioelectronics] Omega 8...
Date: 4/30/06 8:03 PM
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Hi all,
Just got my hands on an 8 voice Omega 8...what a beast...sounds incredible! Ive been working through it the last few days and for such a powerful machine its pretty intuitive to use.. a joy infact.

Subject: omega 8
Date: 3/31/06 6:32 PM
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i just bought a used omega 8, and it has 2 voices currently, i really love it, but i was wondering what it would cost to install more voices?
all the best,
jeremy greenspan

Subject: Fw: OMEGA Man
Date: 3/22/06 7:26 PM
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dear Greg
I hope you are well
I finally found a company that will take care of the Omega shipping ! they should pick it up in my studio by the end of the week and deliver it to you within next week. I d like you to , of course fix the tuning probelm and could you give me your price for the discreteOP amps mod. also the record which features the track I originally did for your demo is out!and it has got a massive support from radios !!I so glad it has been done with this fantastic instrument you made for me!

I sent you an MP3 from the track, which is entitled "OMEGA MAN," of course...
I hope you will like it, everything is from the Omega except hihat, snare and the violins.
please let me know your thoughts
all the best

Subject: Re: OP-amps for Omega 8
Date: 3/14/06 3:10 AM
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Thanks for the response. I will consider having this upgrade as well, when i'm going to get more filters & voices in my "beauty".
(8-) Lasse

Subject: Re: Omega and such
Date: 1/25/06 5:22 PM
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Hey Marc,
Thanks very much for your email and thanks to both of you for your hard work on this! Please feel free to take your time as I know it is a big project. We are all really looking forward to the day of receipt. We just ordered 16 Metasonix TM-6's to specifically compliment the badass O-8's.
Take care,

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