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  • Multi-filter Powered

    Classic Mini, for the greasiest basses and warmest leads and the once upstart Obie, for that 12db boomy boxy reediness ala "Basic Record." Discrete? Yep.
  • Three Oscillator Core

    Three Oscillators with combinable triangle, saw and variable pulse width square waveforms make programming the root of your sound as thick and tight as you need it to be.

  • U Send Me Smoother

    Doubled up front panel resolution (from the SE1) and a clever "smoother" circuit make tweaking pots & throwing around switches a far silkier experience––via MIDI too.

  • External Audio Input

    Process unbalanced signals to balance your creativity. You decide what's crucial. Everything that usually affects the OSCs hugs and shapes your SE-1X's input info.

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