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SE-1X PRAISE, pg.2

Subject: SE-1X - OS update
Date: 4/12/07 3:32 AM
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Dear Sirs,
I have just bought a second hand SE-1X and I have to say that machine is fantastic! Unfortunately it still has OS 0.75 and I would like to update to OS 0.85...
Many thanks in advance!
Best regards,
Jose Papa

Subject: Question about SE-1X (v 0.75)
Date: 3/20/07 6:17 AM
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First, I want to thank you for this great product. I make my living as a bassplayer in Sweden and use the SE 1X when I need to add the synthbass, wich happens more and more nowadays...
With regards,
Tom Beimel

Subject: SE-1X NE
Date: 1/10/07 1:10 PM
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Dear Sirs,
I have in my studio a SE-1 lent by a friend. I absolutely like it and I'm planning to buy one for me. I found a SE-1X NE which has nice improvements for creativity: NEW Amp Overdrive for Saturated "Fuzz", Ultra fast ADSR for ultimate SNAP...
Thanking you in advance I send you my best regards,

Subject: SE-1X
Date: 10/15/06 1:51 AM
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SE-1X is one versative and great sounding synth...


Subject: SE-1X Nova Edition #2
Date: 7/6/06 6:06 AM
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Hello from Russia!
Wanna thank you for this synth. Great! Ordered it in Novamusik and
have waited it 2 months. But it worth waiting! ))
Thanks for synth! :) >
-- Tsykhra

Subject: SE-1X NE
Date: 5/26/06 10:31 PM
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I have just purchased a brand new SE-1X NE Blue Vision.
Firstly say that is amazing machine.My next productions will be more BOOM¡¡ :)
I had a se-1 before ,but you have made a new monster again¡¡
Thanks or your time and im very happy again with other of your machines.

Subject: Re: SE-1X upgrade
Date: 11/20/05 8:31 PM
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Thanks for the quick reply.
The SE-1 is an incredible synth, one of my favorites, but I'm ready for the "X" upgrade and the extras on the limited version sound pretty darn cool.

Subject: Re: my SE-1X demo mp3
Date: 11/2/04 5:17 PM
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Marc, i would like to thank you for this beautiful synthesizer - it is a real pleasure playing with it and tweaking those knobs! The Sonic possibilities are so inspriring i often have the feeling, that i don`t have to do anything - just turn it on, adjust the Envs and Filter to my likings and thats it - the sounds tells me how and what to play - pure magic!
Best regards,

Subject: SE-1x update ?
Date: 10/8/04 2:08 PM
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Dear friends,
Owner of one SE-1X, it's a great pleasure to play with it. Thank you mister Studio electronics !!!!!
But a new upgrade of the SE-1X should be arrived ? Please tell me if I' m wrong, cause I'm still staying at 0.75, and waiting for the midi sync. of the LFO...And how could I get it in Paris-France ?
Best regards

Subject: Re: my new SE-1X
Date: 7/21/04 9:19 PM
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this synths is *really* nice - it just oozes quality. i thought of dropping $1500 on a second hand minimoog but am glad i thought better of it. so, i imagine you are busy getting the OS update ready, but was it you that I talked to about getting an old SE1 face plate?

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