Company Overview
At Studio Electronics, artists, producers, designers, manufacturers—creatives, and the dynamic partnerships we create together matter most; they enable and nurture mutual success. This core belief, present at the 1981 founding of S. E. by partners papa Val St. Regis and multi-platform design Guru Tim Caswell (at the old Sunset 'n' Gower S.I.R. Rehearsal Studios in Hollywood), remains our guiding force. Val's sons Greg and Marc joined the team in 1985 and 1989 respectively, and ultimately (to radically jump cut) the first monophonic, programmable, discrete "Premium Quality Analog" synth, the SE-1, was born. Since then Studio Electronics, under the direction of Analogia Inc., has shaped and maintained the continuity and vibrancy of Analog Synth design and manufacturing worldwide (thanks in large part to the house that Michael built—a story for another day), by creating and shaping potent Analog sound with enduring value, and allowing for an essential give-and-take between our business partners, customers, and friends. We've found this to be nothing short of a transformational experience, and one in which Mary St. Regis (mom) shared and contributed vibrantly and generously as well—who could forget her voice and love?

Studio Electronics current collaborators include Pittsburgh Modular, Slate Digital, Slate Pro Audio, Marc Sirguy of Eowave, and Space Hardware.
Manufacturers and designers of Premium Quality Analog: Rackmount, desktop, eurorack modules and systems, Class-A Audio, complicated stompboxes, and custom work when the spirit moves us.
To continue to develop and produce future/environment friendly, Premium Quality Analog creations for our customers—and for the pure joy of it—as artisans and craftsman from the old school.
Poetic Motto
Quality Above Everything: "Omne Quale Supra."
Prosaic Observation
People like greasy bass synths, ergo the SE-1X.

PRODUCTS (for the sake of clarity and near comprehensiveness)

Analog Synths, Eurorack
Modules and
19" Rackmount: Omega 4-8, C.O.D.E. 4-8 (OD)
Desktop: 4075, 5089, SEM, SE80, SE-02
Eurorack: Tonestar2600, Tonestar8106
Boomstar Modular Eurorack: 3003, 4075, 5089, 8106 (filters), Amp, BBox**; Charcot Circles**, Grainy Clampit***, Levels, LFO 2*, MIDI 3*, Multiple*, Oscillation, Outs*, Quadnic***, Sci Fi, SE88, SEM, Shapers, Slimo, STE. 16**, Utility Modules: Attenulag, Mix4, Router, VCA2
Boomstar Modular Eurorack Systems: Modstar Sensei Hybrid, Modstar Sensei Analog, Modstar Seito Rising

* Co-manufactured with PGH, ** Designed by Marc Sirguy of Eowave, ***Designed by Maurice Roche of Space Hardware
Analog Filters for the Omega Series
2600, 303, SEM, Mini, CS-80
Class A Audio
Slate Pro Audio Dragon and Fox (manufactured for SPA by SE), Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System preamp
Legacy Audio
C2s, Pre2s
Legacy Synths
ATC-1, ATC-X (QFS), ATC-X(i) QFS, Boomstar 3003, Harvey 808, MidiMini, MidiMini Max, Midimoog, Obie Eight, Obie Rack, P Five-05, SE-1, SE-1X, SE-1X Red Eye, SE-1X Angel Dust
Guitar Amps and Mods
S.I.R. Marshall Mod, Number 39
Legacy Stompboxes
Modmax: Filter, Phaser, Ringmod; Wolftone: Chaos, Helium

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We called him Dad "Fletcher" Mom St. Regis (2nd from left) Mom's handsome Uncle Salvi (seated) and Friend Wedding Day Blues
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