NEW YEARS DAY '09 UPDATE: The first production model #39 ships.
Enjoy the Flicker Photostream care of "misterminimite" and Happy New Year!
Fresh mp3s and more pics to follow...

The "#39" is no longer merely the legendary, magical (and seemingly perpetually elusive), 80's vintage Tim Caswell Marshall mod found on what "very well might be one of the most influential, and mysterious, amps in rock 'n' roll history," it is now a motorized pot, MIDI programmable and controllable 50/100 watt amp head boasting a totally analog pristine signal path. 128 presets, and fully user customizable functions include 6 classic amp circuits: 1959 bright, 1959 normal, MK2 master, MK2 master with Stage 1 #39, MK2 master #39GL, and MK2 master #36, making this rugged "smart-head" simply irresistible and absolutely phenomenal!

Still want just the mod minus the magic memory motors and cool circuit configuring? No worries string theorizers. The LEGACY "S.I.R. STOCK M39" MARSHALL MOD is still an option for customer supplied heads. Nothing wrong with baby steps: we know we'll get to you sooner or later...

Tim Caswell and the #39
Legacy Marshall Mod
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