Facebook and Twitter will be pulling all of the info. wagons until further notice. Thanks SE folks. … Building an SE80 drum world... discovered this along the way. Just made a few choice cuts...

Premium quality tees and hoodies for women, children, and their men, are now available at our spreadshirt site - more vintage designs to come! If there is an SE product/logo/sizing/placement combo you don't see, or want hoodies on your long sleeve tees, just shoot us an email at first. It's easy peasy stuff to customize (at no extra charge of course), although the selection is quite extensive as it is ;) Coffee Mugs anyone? Organic Totes?

We're very pleased to share a booth this year with Richard Nicol and his Pittsburgh Modular crew (Rick was one of our marvelous booth-mates last year, thanks to the 11th hour heroics of the good folks at noisebug). PM and SE are in business together these days,––exciting––co-designing and building a 2014 fresh line of high-end Eurorack synths. Who says beer summits can't/don't accomplish anything? Rick and I are unimpeachable evidence to the contrary; the Indian food was way decent too. Read all about the co-branding and teamwork at, and come by to touch the euroBoom gear and everything else captivating lying in wait for you from BOTH companies at NAMM!

What was it they used to say in the '70s at the end of the "Streets of San Francisco" opening credits? "...WITH SPECIAL GUEST STAR DREW NEUMANN." Yeah that was it... and he's worth the wait. My brother and I saw that show being filmed one day coming home from Hoover Jr. High. Funny thing is, we would record our 1992 Third Stone Atlantic record (unreleased) for Michael Douglass (label head). I distinctly remember shaking his hand at the Christmas party––very friendly character; can't remember if was before I met the stunningly lovely Nona Gaye––you know, Marvin's daughter––who was working on her "I'm Overjoyed" release. Ah, Nona... Such pleasant, magical digressions...

Back at the ranch: Boomstar's 5089, 5047, 3003, our low-pass resonant filter synths have been tasked with near identical sonic chores... Mmmm, sound SO good. Find out more by experiencing the friendly synth competition sounds and video yourself! Enjoy

"Plenty o' lightening fire pans, volume draws, and faux stereo imaging and offsets: it's fun breaking out the pencil in DP, once the hard work of sorting, copy and pasting, and reversing the compliant bits (which are too versatile to only enjoy forwards) is in pocket - at least for the moment. A lovely chorus plugin was employed from 42.05474 to 44.48142. Apart from a touch of normalizing, the rest is raw, feral, uncompressed, unlimited, unadulterated BoomstAr bounce."

"A Tombstone quality Boomstar 5089, 4075, 3003 filter shoot out/comparison. No tricks: no compression/limiting or gain maximizing, EQ, or plugins, just those snappy Studio Electronics hardware envelopes doin' work..."

Boomstar SEM "Band in a Tabletop Box" visuals...

Our no longer little Boomstar S.E.M. continues its variations on the drumming, "synthing," "percussioning," and processing external sources theme.

An altogether––well nearly––new Boomstar Synthesizer photo gallery whose "inhabitants" look good enough to smash.

Who knew the SEM filter/MiniM--g style VCA hybrid would make such beautiful drums and lines together?

Video of Drew Neumann's Canterbury Prog-Jazz Fest with additional MSR intro and outro SEM sweetening - actually this is an isolated track/performance, in contrast to the collective performance of 4.22.13.

wav file:

Drew Neumann gets his Canterbury Prog-Jazz on (with a not so soft machine), and I, MSR, reacquainted myself with my co-tweak/4 hands sensibilities from the discomfort my hard producer's chair.

If you missed it above:

Universal Boomstar User Manual is now available as a free (obviously) download AND it's Camille Theriot St. Regis' 21st Birthday! Happy Birthday Daughter! Seni seviyorum!

Yep, the 1st Boomstars left our El Segundo Factory.

First Boomstar 5089 production unit demo here, or to parrot my favorite hackneyed "Beltway" phrase: "that's out there." 100% natural, except for the third arm. Amazing that this box can make (of all things) FM sounds - listen for 'em @ 00:00:34:17. (Filter type (4075) initially mislabeled in opening sequence--will attend to that today)

An alternative audio take for your unfiltered listening pleasure? Why not.

SoundCloud it:

Produced and edited by Marc St. Regis.

Hear and see a pleasantly chatty, live tweaking session of the Boomstar 4075 demonstrating its very capable analog synth drum and bass sound creation muscle--mystery arm and a touch of delay and reverb sweetening included, up on the tube. No EQ, or compression necessary folks, just a touch of squeezing in Peak and gain boosting in Soundbooth (yes Soundbooth has its place) to "bring" the loudness to which we've all become too accustomed, perhaps unfortunately. The spoken intro is a highlight...

Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 bass grooves, escaped leads, twists, tweaks and troubled left turns, courtesy of Marc St. Regis.

Drew Neumann's single track twisting and turning of the Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075 - nothing too fancy as requested - for the sole purpose of getting to know the structural tonality and flexibility of this ARP-filtered SE synth is a near revelation.

Direct Boomstar audio out .wav file link:

A 4 hour tour of Boomstar 4075 and 3003 sounds from top to bottom, tracked in DP7.24. No EQ, compression, or plugins, other than a gate sequencer on a freeform "NAMM iphone" recording/track to tempo match it, and one or two delays on certain lead tracks. No mixing, no mess--just a faders up affair with a few soundbite fades: all pillows removed. Component/construction kit tracks will be uploaded to SoundCloud as well.

In the composer's own words: "This is done ONLY with the 2 Boomstars--all noises, drum tracks, everything is the 4075 and 3003, overdubbed like crazy in Digital Performer. Most tracks are dry and raw, just delays on a few channels. There is just a final mastering limiter bounce on the mix file, that's it."

Wild and free 4075 and 3003 explorations, by the one - the only, DREW NEUMAN!
My Sonic State live demos tended toward the traditional and, so we stretched out a bit today. Noice.

For all news and SE info please visit our facebook page and or follow our Boomstar Twitter feed, at least until the year end holidays are past ;) And Merry Christmas!

Not the "SEM" old song Analogians.
Ceiling Mirror Picture here.

Studio Electronics @SE_BoomStar

Seems useful enough.

Sound meet steel. All filter types ship in 27 days. We can't wait either...

2nd backyard pic here.

Greg St. Regis' clever twists and turns launched the first 4075 Boomstar past "the surly bonds of earth," via a cheap audio interface that happened to be around. More Boomstar filter type demos, live footage and markedly superior D/A Converters to follow... and yes we should have uploaded the vids to our Boomstar "Featured Channel." It's hard to remember everyting important. Next filter type demo upload, expect to find all of the material there.

We've just about done it Maria Therezia Capretta Theriot St. Regis!

Our friend, musical dynamo and tech genius Federico Solazzo writes: "The idea was to have all the needs in the same panel in order to control almost everything under one hand and explore and experiment."

We like and it's free.

3.21.12 - BOOMSTAR!

Back to the raw power and purity of discrete analog, where STUDIO ELECTRONICS started in 1985. The snap and punch of hardware envelopes drive the BOOMSTAR's brilliant voltage controlled circuits with unparalleled sonic integrity and versatility... This one's for you Mary St. Regis. Love Always and Forever.

1.2.12 - Legacy

It's getting better all the time; and Happy New Year 2012ers!

12.27.11 - User Work

It's nice to get used sometimes... and thanks to everyone involved! Peter M. Mahr of makes the best argument here.

11.26.11 - Museum page is up / Downloadable manuals in pdf format consolidation

Vintage charm, sometimes boyish, tiger wood (no relation), MSR, Mouse n' Mike and S.E.'s own Karate Kid should make for an engaging stroll through our Gallery Productivos and Gallery Humanos "Installation Experience" in the newly refurbished and revitalized Museum.

On the Manuals Front:

All S.E. manuals in .pdf form are now to be found in a central location under the "down-up" heading/Operation Manuals: Consolidation happens and it's proof of somewhat intelligent design.

9.30.11 - SE's COMM100 Knowledge Base is up

Sixty four "Articles" and counting in the Synth category... ask a question, get answers, leave comments, overuse semicolons; make your presence felt! Spread love and knowledge of STUDIO ELECTRONICS gear and user philosophy. The link ('case you somehow missed it in the item title):

8.19.11 - Visit the shimmering abode of the ONEPOLYMER CODE...

On our newly installed Video Page and rub shoulders with the Celebs on their very own Channel. And do give a listen to the fresh free-range crop of Omega8 and "C.O.D.E. only" demos - very enjoyable fare, care of the copious talents Chistoph Richter and ONEPOLYMER; our 2600 and CS-80 filters finally get a fair shake.

8.05.11 - Our Tutorials Page is up and is quite informative

Slate Pro Audio Dragon and Omega retrofit videos by Maestro Greg St. Regis.

7.22.11 - Search engine: check.

Nothing quite like a good solid workaround. Kudos to Hostway (for a change) chat support.

7.21.11 - Same day, but much brighter

Galleria fixed, thanks to the marvelously responsive and helpful David Hellsing at; search database coming right up.

7.21.11 - New S.E. Site

Much will be familiar to the Analogia faithful, yet far easier to access, assess and enjoy! Opaque / overly stylized copy has been sidelined in favor of a good, clean, Premium Quality American read. This retool of all things SE, was too much for one man to handle, so the dreaded "coming soon" scandal does taint the love - I / we are doing everything in our power to inform those vacant pages in the coming (there's that word again) weeks and not months. And yes we are in the planning stages of a savage and extremely versatile new SE synth slated for a 1st quarter 2012 release.

On the SE Pro Audio Front:

The Slate Pro Audio "FOX," a brilliant dual microphone preamplifier (partner of the "DRAGON"), co-designed and manufactured exclusively by STUDIO ELECTRONICS, has been shipping for the beter part of two weeks to glowing reviews. Slate is in the process of updating their site so it is possible our links to them could become... unhelpful. We're on it though....

Please "sice" us with feedback and "friending" is always good. Thanks for your interest and support!

p.s. The "Galleria" image gallery installed on the CODE, Red Eye, Dragon and Fox pages is not yet cooperative - it was running perfectly locally; I should have it sorted out in a day or so. Thanks for your patience!


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