I decided on the 4075...
Date: June 3, 2013

I decided on and bought the Boomstar 4075. Been playing around with and really like it. I personally like all of the Boomstars. Owning an ATC-Xi, I knew I would. They are all equally intriguing. From the get go, the 3003 and SEM interested me the most. I didn't hear enough of the 4075 to hear it's full range of sounds, so that had quite interested as well. Which is why I wanted to get it.

This thing sounds like a mini 2600. I've never played an Arp 2600, but I've heard other musicians make music with them and this can do those amazing sounds that I've loved. I'm pretty shocked actually. This thing is cooler than I thought. So cool that I'm thinking of selling some gear to buy another Boomstar. I'm an ATC junkie though. This is one of the few times I'm glad I didn't go with an impulse buy for the 3003 or SEM, though I want one. But I would've missed out on the 4075. Fhhhew, that was close...


Subject: Got my 4075...
Date: May 27, 2013

Got my 4075 yesterday and spent about 4 hours getting acquainted with this synth. After a cautious start, checking out the general flow of things, I became totally absorbed in it and lost track of time. This thing feels alive. The way the circuits interact with each other is something special.

There's so much variety in the sounds it can produce; from soft, lush traditional leads and warm, rounded basses through to insane, brain-shattering chaos. Even after building a beastly eurorack modular and with the Telemark next to it, the 4075 shines very bright.

It's incredible how they managed to fit so many features and such tweakability in to such a compact synth. A massive achievement in design. Well worth the wait. They've created a beast.

Mike Hulme

Subject: Get Promoting...
Date: May 21, 2013 11:38 PM PDT

@Studioxchange Get promoting that Boomstar 3003 of yours, it's a beast! Here's my first 10 mins with it -"

"My first 10 minutes with the @SE_BoomStar 3003. This thing is brutal. Video when I can tear myself away. Listen at"

"Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 is a wild screaming banshee. Video coming soon."

Subject: First Impressions
Date: April 27, 2013 3:30:15 PM PDT

My Boomstar arrived today. I opted for the 4075 version mainly because I already have a 303 and a MiniMoog.

Summary - drop everything and buy one right now. This box is amazingly fun to tweak.

Basics - oscillator shapes sound great with the filter wide open. The sub adds a nice low punch. The filter sounds good to my ears, but I'm not commenting whether it nails the ARP sound or not. Basically I don't care. It does the things it is supposed to do - cutoff and resonance are pleasing and interact well with the modulation sources.

What's especially cool:

loop and invert on Env 1. Do this - loop the envelope, route it to mod VCO 2 frequency. Set A/D/S/R all to zero. Slowly bring up the decay a bit then play around with the sustain knob. Sounds chaotic - now flip the oscillator sync switch.

LFO rate has a nice range and a great selection of waveforms.

Env 2 can be triggered by the LFO - very nice. It's good to see designers paying attention to AM possibilities rather than just the standard filter mod.

The feedback and ring mod do good things to the overall sound.

The knobs and switches have a great feel to them. The layout and switches really lend themselves to playing this as an instrument. My suggestion is to put this someplace where you'll easily be able to reach the controls. I can definitely see people rocking these things live like they used to do with the 303's back in the day.

Other quick notes - I was triggering it from MIDI and it was as fast as my TB-303 being triggered from cv/gate by the same sequencer with parallel sequences playing (Cirklon). Haven't done any cv/gate testing yet.

The box is small, but there's room for my large fingers to get to knobs and switches without inadvertently bumping something else.

Very small wishlist - power switch, white indicators on the small knobs across the bottom. Sometimes with a lot going on it's hard to tell if feedback, ring mod, or something else is contributing to the sound and needs adjusting. Like I said - very small list and if I really care, I can put a dot of nail polish or paint on the knobs. Right now, it's a ton of fun in a small box.

I had an SE-1x for a while and even though I really liked the sound, the menus were a buzzkill. This box is perfect in the balance between amount of functionality and ease of use. Like other manufacturers found out - take a great sounding core, add the ability to modulate the core in different ways, and allow the modulations to interact in unexpected ways and you end up with a winner.

All I can say to the previous posters on the prior 46 pages is to try one in person before knocking the featureset.

Will I end up buying a second box? Maybe, maybe not. We'll see if the glow wears off after a while. Do you need at least one? Definitely. Does it really matter which filter you get? If you have a lot of other gear, I'd say no. If you really want something *in the particular style of* ARP/Moog/Roland/Oberheim, then yes, maybe it matters.

It's really the rest of the box that makes it special.


Subject: Re: Boomstar Update
Date: April 26, 2013 1:51:13 AM PDT
Sent to:

Hi Marc, I got the 5089 two days ago. My initial reaction: it sounds absolutely divine!The feature vs the sound vs the price is unbelievable. The Boomstars deserve good promo to catch the awareness of all synth loving musicians. Some of the knobs wobble a bit though (like on my Minibrute). I will be making some demos now. Can you email me the full invoice when you have time? Many thanks.

Kind Regards,
Raphael S. aka 'himalaya'

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Subject: Re: Bass & booty help
Date: 1/30/12 2:27 PM
Sent to:

... Marc, I just figured out the sysex dump and all worked perfectly. I've been doing music for over 30 years and never tried it. I was on the website and I'm interested in the Black Music Essentials as well as the Bass and Booty... Thanks, I will order as soon as I hear back from you. I had a chance to go through all of the sounds in the ATC and the Red Eye and I feel guilty for coming on board so late. You all make some outstanding products and I now realize where all of those sounds I've heard and love come from. Thanks again!


Subject: Red Eye
Date: 11/30/11 6:28 PM
Sent to:

Just curious. This synth is listed on your site as "mono/poly". I bought an Angel Dust last year because Nova was out of the Red Eye. Both the same price. Is this something for near future or an error? If valid, would Angel Dust be able to "poly-morph"? Just looking at the Omegas but that will take long negotiation with my wife. An Angel Dust upgrade would be a lot less problematic. Also have an ATCxi. I'm addicted to these things.


Subject: ATCxi
Date: 7/16/11 8:49 PM
Sent to:

... I bought an ATCxi direct from your company in March. These units are fabulous: I cannot believe the sounds that can be wrought from these machines. I am fairly new to synths and have been able to emulate sounds and other synths relatively easily with your units. And I think they sound better in most cases!

Mike Uryniak.

Subject: Josh Hanson sent you a message on Facebook...
Date: 7/10/11 11:03 PM
Sent to:

Josh Hanson
Hey Man, I love the studio electronics ATC-1 with the ARP 2600 filter. I used it in the late 1990's it was totally f@#king rad! thanks for creating it.

Date: 6/14/11 10:15 AM
Sent to:

Dear Sirs,
I bought my first SE1 over 12 years ago - and i enjoyed every minute of tweaking to it's limit. ThankYou SE !!! :)

Time went by and i sold all my analog classics in order to focus on my current business. Nevertheless - making music and programming sounds is like a narcotic drug which never let you go. There are a couple of nice sounding VA's arround, but they all fail as soon you want a sonic filter modulation sound only a analog machine can produce. So that is why i am here and asking for a price qote...
Thank you very much in advance.

BTW. check this out:

mit den besten grüssen
with kind regards,
Marcus Bussejahn

Subject: se-1x review
Date: 6/11/11 9:29 AM
Sent to:

Hi Guys,
Just writing to say I am liking the new SE-1x I purchased recently. Very warm analog 3 osc bass sound that I have been using every day in my original music tv ad production. I use it to supplement my old nord lead I also use for bass. the difference is subtle but the se 1x is warmer and a little richer w the 3rd osc. im glad i bought it!

Thanks over there!!
pat rickey
downpat music

Subject: Re: Invoice for Red Eye
Date: 6/12/08 8:12 AM
Sent to:

Hi Greg and Marc,
Thanks for being so quick and so professionnal :)
I've just ordered a T-shirt on your website so you can get my credit card number...
Let me know when my Red Eye is sent and please send me the traking number by e-mail.

Thanks again :)

Best regards,
Javier Amor
Roystone Studios

Date: 6/19/07 8:14 PM
Sent to:

You guys are true master pimps. I'm producing some tracks on the new Donna Summer comeback album. All bass and leads are the Fat Ass ATC 303 cartridge. Sick shit. I love you guys!


Subject: ATC-X quad upgrade
Date: 5/30/07 4:46 AM
Sent to:

To the brothers St. Regis.....I spoke to you guys a while back, and ended up going with the ATC-X quad filter....This synth is downright gorgeous, you guys kill it......I'm lookin to get some upgrades for it though, such as the most recent OS, the MIDIMINIFY upgrade (sinewave gen and discreet VCA etc), and the Bass and Booty sound set......I can get it packed up and shipped whenever, just let me know what I have to do to get the order in aka paying for it etc......Thanks yall.......Oh on a side note, I been listening to the Rodney Jerkins produced godsend of a Brandy album "Full Moon", and I can't help but feel that the oozings and analogness are from an SE synth......I wanna say the omega because its just about the PHATTEST synth bass shit I've ever heard...Can you divulge?..Man, thats what I'm lookin for with these ATC upgrades, despite me loving it already, I can never have enough low fatness oozings......Peace, and many thanks....

-Drew Fisher

Subject: ATC-1 versus SE-1
Date: 11/29/06 1:05 AM
Sent to:

You guys put out the BEST synths in the land, I love every single sound of every synth you've put out....unfortunately I havent had enough time on my own with these guys to really determine the differences and similarities of them, and so I wonder about redundency in buying say bout an ATC-1 and SE-1.....i'm actually a former minimoog d owner, love that sound to death, but there is something even more funky about the S.E. stuff.....could you describe how there ISN"T redundency in buying both of these synths? Obviously youd want me to buy both haha, but it'd be interesting to hear WHY..... many thanks ya'll!


Subject: se1 question
Date: 11/28/06 5:56 AM
Sent to:

hi from paris,
i've just bought one of your "fantastic" SE1 and i would like to reset it with all original sounds
I've seen that i could download all factory banks on your site .... thanks !!!! .... but how should i do to put them in my SE1

thank you in advance and for these excellent gears !
Jean-baptiste MILLET

Subject: Re: Your Studio Electronics Order
Date: 10/30/06 8:25 PM
Sent to:

Hi there,
What's up guyz?

Like everybody's sayd all around the world and in France too: U ARE THE 1!
I'm addicted to SE since long time now like my good friend dj Kaine; He'
ve bought u a SE.1X last year.

Just one question, is it easy to mount the materials(O.S& Patches), cuz
it's the first time for me with your products and i've never opened my ATC-X?
Hope to hear news from u soon, sse ya!

Best regards from Paris...
Jean Jérôme aka Kut'n'Paste & Purpleheadz

Subject: Thanks for the great amp!
Date: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 12:46 PM
Sent to:

Hey Tim and Greg,
Where to begin... 2 days ago my amp arrived. The courier came and well there it was! The parcel was in great shape, thats some packaging :D

The amp is shockingly good. I thought my other amp was nice, but this one is in a leage of his own. Besides the great features like the mid boost, a switching pedal (!) and effects send and return (thats just too good to be true) the amp sounds like nothing I have ever heard before. The harmonics just keep ringing like sweet bells, and pinch harmonics are easier then turning the amp on. I really didn`t expect this. I have found exactly what I was looking for, this is it. This is my amp.

Tim thanks allot for being patient with me and thanks for the abosolutely stunning amp you delivered. I could go on and on about it... Its just that good. Im really happy with it. So thanks a million for doing this and all the other great features that you incorporated into it. Thanks Greg for the smooth delivery; it arrived flawlessly.

If I get a demo out or other I will make sure that you receive Tim!

Best regards,
Rikkert Boom

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