From the Why Haven't We Done this Before?—or at least thought of doing this before file. Alright, maybe we did... think of this b4, but until Omega C.O.D.E. owner Senil targeted me for his classic 70s, 80s (and some 90s) synth classics reproduction needs, nothing got done.

Grease up your mod and pitch wheels; get your boogie ready party train people. You're gonna to need 'em where you're goin' with this essential black music funk kit.

In the mid 80s Jeff Barr and I lived on a steady diet of heavily modwheeled Prophet-5 stabs––got to those first, then "Let it Whip" synth stabbin' and leadin,' Grand Master Flash's "Message" illest analog, "Love Thing," Freak Show," "Showdown," "Body Work," "Hit & Run," "Street People," "You're the One," "Let's Groove," "Burn Rubber," "Dropped a Bomb on Me," "Electric Boogaloo" push through, progressing backwards and forwards towards Stevie's immortal "Livin' for the City / Talking Book" leads and "Boogie on Reggae Woman," "Isn't She Lovely," "I am Singing," "Have a Talk with God," "That Girl," "Shame," bass alchemy.

Garys Wright's dynomite ARP 2600 "My love is Alive" funky bass killin' demanded entry, along with Herbie's gritty "Chameleon" bass growl and "Rockit'" computer love.

Postmodern spin and cognitive FX 'round out this funktified patch bank. I think the plucky GX1-ish "I Wish" lead is my favorite.

One Soul.

Secure Bank 6, B.M.E., at the SE Store

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