A little time spent in the chocolate-scented city of Chicago several springs ago (well, the tulips were out) jump-started this OB-8, JP-8, Arp Solina, SH-7, CS-80, Mellotron, Crumar/Farfisa emulation emanation, uncovering secrets too long kept by this surprisingly versatile and clear-voiced synthesizer.

Things get off to a cool vintage start with a few lead patches (appetizers before main)––some inspired by my brief stint as Kanye West's Stage Manager and Jeff Basker's (a musician's musician) backline tech. From there we progress to classic OB-8 bells and fork out the meat of the bank. Haunting muted Robert Shaw-like choral colors, MSR's Mellotrons, warm-filtered sweeps, B3 with Leslies in full effect, a holiday of strings, Farfisa organics, Elke String synthesizer templates (channeled from youth-memories shaped in my parent's Market St. music store in San Francisco), locked-to-clock L.F.O. theatrics, CS-80 heft and hue, some 2008 colors, and a smattering of shimmering, slithering, simmering FX, should keep you up late and creative like your used to do...

Secure Bank 5, Salvation Pads at the SE Store


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