The Analogue Shaman who is solely answerable for our twisted 303 bank in the ATC-1 and one of my partners in crime on the "Analogia Project CD-ROM," S.E. produced for EMU, brings his imaginative and culminant programming skillz directly to bear on our SE-1X. Think detuned oscillators, free-ranging ring modulation, homeric hertz, internecine basses, diving and rising again 3rd envelopes, primogenial L.F.O. pulses, tricky modwheel routings, brooding messiness and deadliest of all (my personal favorites) Scroggins' trademark old school Hiphop 808/909 styled kicks and synthi snares.

My boy came to do work. "And so it came to pass in those days, copious with the consolatory aorma of midnight oil burning, that the auroral Scroggins Synquence Bank was issued forth from the absense of all else: The Sonic Void."

I couldn't miss you more Brian. Peace always brother.

Download 7 .mid samples in Macintosh format (.sit)
Download 7 .mid samples in PC format (.zip)


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