MSR's ABCs & Minis

SE-02 Bass Grease now served: Patches 1-88 slide from subby basses to bright vocalizations; intriguing, developing leads follow, then rhythmic moves to a detailed, multidimensional FX shatter, akin to my Designer Series Bass & Booty 1st and soul-driven BME patch banks for our ATC synths.

Patches 89-128 recreate classic Minimoog patches drawn mainly from revered R 'n' B records, whose thinly veiled origins should not be opaque to anyone upon perusing the included Numbers doc. I remember the matching being so good at times, that I got "inside of the records", as I played worshipfully along; the brilliant sound engine of the '02 doing most of the work; I MSR, just had to put my ears and head into that 70s-80s-90s Mini space and tone dimension. Note to chops: should be an everyday exercise...

Some of these patches will be familiar as a few are included unadulterated in the factory ROM set (Banks A, B, C, and now D), but even those have been refined and focused on the prime directive: vintage analog grease, with a closing spotlight on those (almost exclusively) revered Minimoog synth bass essentials. Certified bangers in here waiting on your touch and tracks.

But what are the customers saying (you should well ask)?

Loading the patches into your SE-02 made easy (RESTORE in the manual): MSRs Patch Import

Marc St. Regis 3-14-18

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