SE-02 Software Editor - Santoul 1.4

The official Studio Electronics, Roland approved, standalone editor for the SE-02 is once again the handiwork of SE Sound Designer and Coder, Emmanuel Santoul, developer of the software editors for the ATC, SE-1, and Omega Series synths. This inspiring cross-platform product affords full, real-time control, providing not only an intuitive GUI, enabling immediate access to all synth parameters, but also: full library management and auditioning, "Patch Blending," "Random Patch Generation," and edit and compare customization. Expressive features not standard on your synthesizer can now be explored, integrated, and perhaps most importantly, visualized... More Information.

During order processing, customer's Mac and PC installs will be available in store for download—must be logged in.

To remove blue band and unlock the Basic or Santoul feature set, you will need to email us your Product ID to receive an Activation Key. These resources make it easy: ProductID-ActivationKey-SE02-Manual-Extract.pdf, se02editor-unlocking-editor.mp4

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