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  • Ext Box with Painted Metal Sides (Black)
    Ext Box with Black Metal Sides
    Designed specifically for the SE-02, the Ext Box is a multi-function external controller, offering high CV resolution filter frequency control with a full-sized knob. It also features an 1/8" to 1/4" connection converter for External Input and Audio Out. A drive-adjustable hi-pass filter with attenuation, rich overdrive and extremely potent boost, add rich character and depth, while expanded external input control, expressive gate triggering for external signal/sample manipulation, expand and inspire; let it breathe new life and fire into your SE-02.

    And what the Ext Box does for the SE-02, it can for many desktop synths and modules which offer some combination of External Input control, CV, Gate, and VCF CV connections; we recommend our Boomstar and Boomstar Modular Eurorack modules—especially the Tonestar.

    4x 1/8" to din interconnect cable, and country appropriate power supply included.

    Comes with Roland® style 1/8" painted aluminum sides (black), similar to those found on the DK-01, installed.

    SidesExotica® option available.

    More Information.
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  • Roland Style Metal Sides Iso
    Roland@ Style Metal Sides for the Ext Box
    Roland® style 1/8" aluminum, black texture-coated sides for the Ext Box, near identical to those found on the DK-1

    Standard on $139 Ext Box.
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