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  • B. M. E. Omega Patch Bank
    Missing your  heavily modded "P-5" stabs and slippery synth basses from the glory days of Funk, flash, and fantasy, or want to design your own retro programs? The bank stops here. Vintage presets from "Let it Whip's" synth stabbin' and leadin', Grand Master Flash's "Message" illest analog, "Love Thing," "Freak Show," "Showdown," "Body Work," "Hit & Run," "Street People," "You're the One," "Let's Groove," "Burn Rubber" have all been captured... More Information.
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  • Salvation Pads
    Salvation Pads Omega Patch Bank
    A little time spent in the Chocolate-scented city of Chicago several springs ago (well, the tulips were out) jump-started this OB-8, JP-8, Arp Solina, SH-7, CS-80, Mellotron, Crumar/Farfisa emulation emanation; uncovering secrets too long kept by this surprisingly versatile and clear-voiced synthesizer. More Information.
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  • Theriot Omega Patch Bank
    Edge—the hardest possible—and swell set the tone for the first bank out of the "factory set" box. Fit, fancy, and flashy colours come to mind when I consider this programming effort and its amazingly robust attack transients—some relying on inverted envelopes... super well made, like a woman I know. All she needs is a little appreciation, and eternal vigilance at the tenderness switch. More Information.

    Standard in the CODE (burned into RAM bank 3), inspiring as a starting point, or play as they are set, for the standard issue Omega.
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