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  • ATCeditor Software
    A stand-alone app and plugin is now available for the ATC crowd—another fine creation from SE Sound Designer and Coder Emmanuel Santoul. Like the OmegaCodeEditor, it also floats an expanded, virtual ATC above the real AnalogTone Chameleon: Classic, X, and Xi model syntheizers.. More Information.

    Note: Upon order completion, customer's Mac and PC installs will be available in store for download—must be logged in.

    The end of the video "ATC-authorization.mp4" demonstrates how to obtain your Product ID—each buyer must email their Product ID to to generate a unique Product Key. That key will unlock the product's full functionality and insure future support.

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  • Midimini V30
    Midimini V30
    Many can recall dialing up Midim-g/Midimini patches that fit a song so perfectly that they inspired even greater creativity; shapely, sometimes sinuous sounds whose essence called out to you; emotive sounds you never wanted to change; sounds you lovingly tracked, notated and revered; sounds as vital as the lyrics or lead vocal—that solid, insistent, articulate bounce, bravado, and twangy bang. Was there another sensible, MIDI-driven rackmount choice for immaculate synth bass and lead lines? None near as glorious.

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