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  • Tonestar 2600 - Premium Quality Synth Voice
    Tonestar 2600
    TONESTAR is an ARP® 2600-inspired synth voice 31 years in the shaping, pre-patched like Pearlman's prodigy, and fully "outs to outs" modular. Connect CV / gate and twist 'n' switch, or pull its tones and voltages apart one 3.5mm cord at a time. 26 knobs, 7 switches, and 21 jacks make for complex and satisfying signal flow, color and collisions. If it gets reedy, route the triangle wave 'round the VCF.

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  • Tonestar 8106
    Tonestar 8106
    TONESTAR 8106, an ARP® 2600-inspired complete synth voice, infuses Tims Caswell's chipry "Jupiter to Juno" filter alchemy—a 6db/oct hi-pass filter followed by a recreation of the Roland IR3109 module—into our Tonestar 2600 platform; this chirpy yet full-bodied 8106 model is also fully #OutsToOuts modular featuring 27 pots—one more that the 2600 model for the high-pass filter, 6 switches—one less, sacrificing resonance modulation for that high-pass filtering, and 21 jacks.

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