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This SE-3Xeditor is compatible with SE-3X, or SE-1X models upgraded with '3X EPROMs displaying version 1.02, or higher; it is designed to expand the capabilities of your synth and boost creativity, by incorporating—visualizing—evocative features not standard to its native operation.

Program and play from 4 additional virtual patch banks (12 banks total) managed on your computer's hard drive, while the standalone software is running.

Be a "Tone Wizard" (and a true star); create in a completely original manner with this new '3X tool, producing very useful results with the merest effort demanded of you—the cagey and capable Sound Designer—via your mod wheel and computer keyboard’s mighty tab key. Export those patches, or full patch banks, sharing sound programming with other users of this software, if you so desire. Amplify your multi-filtered, '3X analog subtractive sessions, and the music which inevitably moves you.

Copy, paste, rearrange, reimagine.

The software front panel interface = the hardware front panel control of the '3X—sans the menu-diving in key areas. Real & Virtual: Inspiring complementary systems.

SE-3X Editor License
SE-3X Editor Standalone $24.99
Mac: OS X 11 (Big Sur) and higher, 64bits app; PC: Win7 and higher 32bits app. No Plug-in planned at this time.

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SE-3X Editor User Manual

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