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Input Impedance: 1500 Ohms
Gain Range: 60 dB
Noise: -128
Mic Phantom: Mic Input Switchable 48 Volt Power Source
Phase: Switchable 0 -180
Instrument Input Jack: ¼", > 1 Megohm Input Impedance
Rear panel connections: Female XLR Mic Input, Parallel XLR Male/ ¼" TRS Output
Frequency Response: 9Hz-101KHz
Distortion: Less than 1%
Power Requirements: 110/220 VAC - 25 Watts
Dimensions: 19" x 1.75" x 10" (one rack space)
: 15 lbs (16 lbs in box)


The Concept

Steven Slate of Slate Pro Audio:
"After starting my pro audio business in 2006, I quickly fell victim to an unexpected new role amongst my peers: Audio Gear Psychologist. I would constantly get calls from fellow engineers who were in the market for audio gear, and one of the most common questions I would get was about mic preamp purchasing. 'Do I get the Neve, the API, or the Millennia?' would be a common question. No one ever liked my answer which was, "Get all of them; they are all amazing preamps and you'll appreciate having a versatile sonic palette for your microphones and sources."

This was good advice. Companies like Neve, API, Millennia, and other hi-fi brands have been making great mic preamps for years, and I've used them and loved them in countless sessions. So when I sat down with Studio Electronics, and the Slate Pro Audio engineering team to discuss our mic pre, my first thought was to make a mic preamp that could offer several sonic characteristics in one box––incorporating, unifying, racks of various hallowed mic pres.

Our first idea was to use one main mic pre circuit with filters and some various component and circuit manipulations to change the sound. This worked. Kind of… overall, it still sounded like the same preamp with some filters. It didn't provide the real experience of having several preamp sounds in one product.

Back to the drawing board... we needed more than one unique preamp circuit in each channel. This design concept led to two amazing preamp circuits called VINTAGE and MODERN. VINTAGE, is our take on the classic British Discrete Class A design––thick, rich, and warm. MODERN, is a new design based on ultra hi-fi solid state components that provide a sound that is very precise, clean, and detailed.

Two circuits; excellent; but could we expand on this concept? Enter COMBO mode: the input of one preamp circuit is combined with the output of the other preamp circuit. So VINTAGE/COMBO means the input is the VINTAGE circuit, and the output is the MODERN circuit. With MODERN/COMBO, the input is the MODERN circuit and the output is the VINTAGE circuit. Now the FOX integrated four brilliant sounding mic preamps in ONE box!

Listen to that guitar track in the VINTAGE circuit... Now hear how it sounds in the MODERN... Then try
MODERN/COMBO.. Nope-that's not it. Now VINTAGE/COMBO… and BAM! That works!"


• Singe Rack Space
• Solid State Design
• Custom Input and Output Transformers
• Two Discrete Combinable Preamp Circuits per Channel: Vintage and Modern
• Level Controls
• Hi-Z 1⁄4" Inch Instrument Input
• -10dB Pad Switch
• 48v Phantom Power
• Phase / "Polarity" Switch
• Red LED Phantom Indicator
• ON/OFF Switch with in switch LED Power Indicator
• 60 dB Gain
• Balanced XLR Input and Output
• Toroid Power Transformer

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