Subject: Re: Pricing for CODE
Date: 5/17/08 3:48 AM
Sent to: Marc St. Regis

You guys made my dream of owning the baddest synth on the planet a reality, and I thank you sooooo much for all your hard work. This synth is amazing. It's beautiful and it sounds incredible! I'm still learning all of its features, so I'll let you know if I have any questions.

As for the T-shirt, I wear a large. Thank you!


Subject: Re: Code
Date: 8/15/08 12:30 AM
Sent to: Marc St. Regis

I have just received my brand spankin' new Code 4 from Lewis at Awave in Melbourne. I have sort of bought the Code off the plan [gotta love those specs] because i know of nobody who has a problem with any of your stuff and Lewis said is was the "ducks nuts" or something similar. I had a brief play (10 mins) in store and was sold.

First impressions: I think this Code (with all options known to man and extra terrestrials too) is the fattest, hugest piece of gear i now own. I have always been into the "Heritage" variety of Synthesizers, often costing me buckets in parts and debug time (damn Xpander) but i can safely say that the Code sound quality is unsurpassed (0 noise), the sounds are more usable and the device is far more practical than any other piece of gear i have (I.e. it has midi and balanced outputs) I was going to buy an Andromeda but it oozes that "kung fu" feeling which i also get from a Kia Sportage. I'm sure you know the one.

Even the coffee machine and my Gilette Razor (Mach 3 Turbo) although useful, do not come close to the power of the Code.

I can't shave with the Code (It's not listed on the options list, however comprehensive) or make coffee with it (Where do the beans go?); i can tear holes in walls (both mine and my next door neighbors [they love the Code too]) with the supreme sounds that your synthesizer. The basses will empty the guts of many AND the strings will bring tears of joy. This is what i have been looking for - an emotion machine on some serious "Arnie" formula steroids.

Well worth any organs i had to sell to purchase it.

Yours in synthesis and circuitry,

Andrew Kirkby
Sydney, Australia

Subject: Omega-8 Code Warranty follow
Date: 9/14/08 1:06 PM
Sent to:

i'm a fresh and lucky owner of a "second hand" Omega-8 Code (red code) bought from florian weber in France... this gear sounds fantastic !

Warm Regards,

Subject: Re: CODE 5
Date: 1/19/11 3:11 PM
Sent to: Marc St. Regis

Just got the Code and i very impressed with the sound. Thank you very much for your and Tim words in the manual.


Subject: Re: CODE 5
Date: 12/17/10 7:53 PM
Sent to: Marc St. Regis

Mary! Marc! Tim! Greg! Dan!
I am very impressed with your answers.
And I see what you're strong and talented team.
You add your spirit to your product and it gives a unique combination.
Any product can be copied.
But nobody can copy your spirit.
When i buying your product, I buy more than a great analog synthesizer...
And.... I like it.
God bless all of you!


Subject: CODE 8 OD upgradebr> Date: 10/8/09 6:44 PM
Sent to:

I'm very much looking forward to owning a piece of Studio Electronics's equipment. I have the utmost admiration and respect for both SE technology and the way you run your business. The fact that I'm getting an 8 voice CODE is just icing on the cake.

I always get a chuckle when I read posts on E-M and Gearslutz from people complaining that an instrument doesn't sound exactly like or work exactly like some other instrument. I'm buying SE and I expect it to sound like and work like the vision that SE had when they designed it. The nature of engineering requires choices and trade-offs. I'm buying SE's interpretation of what a $5000 digitally controlled analog polysynth should be.