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FEATURED FUNCTIONS (from the Red Eye page)
  • Expanded Filter Range

    Classic Mini 4-pole, 24 dB/oct low-pass filter, paired with the mid-range sweet spot master, Obie, a 2-pole, 12dB/oct filter; both expanded a whole step in frequency.
  • Sine Wave Generator

    Three combinable Oscillators––now with a vintage-sweet and clear-voiced discrete sine wave generator in OSC 2 (replacing the triangle). Shades of the Odyssey...

  • "Fuzz" Amp Overdrive

    Our fixed value "Fuzz" circuit creates a warm, dirty (a bit) and overall fuzzy and saturated tone by compressing the Red Eye's peaks and adding soothing overtones.
  • 7 Banks of Presets

    693 preset sounds: 4 celebrated SE-1X factory banks, the techno magic of Scroggins Synquence, and Infared & Diademer: patches created uniquely for this limited edition.

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