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SE-1X BANK 5: INFARED (included in Red Eye)

Wth the introduction of our new NovaMusik partnered synth, the "RED EYE" came two fresh sets of patch banks: Diademer and Infared. Bank 5 "INFARED" is the lovechild of a most brilliant sound designer who will continue to remain nameless, due to reasons that must also remain veiled. This man knows his Arps and his Junos and his Techno; very clever and inspiring voicings make this "patch-work" an essential compliment for your SE-1(X) patch library.

Secure Bank 5, INFARED, at the SE Store

SE-1X BANK 6: DIADEMER (included in Red Eye)

The second of the NovaMusik partnered synth banks, Diademer features the work of Jason Samonik (who had produced some outstanding raw omega demos for NovaMusik), and yours truly Marc St. Regis. It pulses with LFOs locked to clock, grinding basses, brutally detuned leads, moody orchestrals and some haunting hinting FX. Jason initiated this bank. I came in (at the end) just to edit and plain got carried away; a direct result of my tutelage with the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan's vintage organy Roland, Arp, kooky Crumar synths and dude's programming smartness. Liked those SPM people... we learned some things in Chicago about life, love, pizza, dominant squarewaves, the importance of delayed vibrato, degrees of separation, Acadian swamp drainers, how much I love my kids, God...

Secure Bank 6, Diademer, at the SE Store

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