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TRUE HYPE (ATC-X Currently Unavailable)

Electronica and Hiphop sounds emerge equally with transcendental control and flexibility from this updated ATC-1 and it's crisp, relevant set of STUDIO ELECTRONICS "X Model" strength patches and improved sound engine.

The ATC-X's "Quad Filter System" design enhances creativity and trims costs, sacrificing none of the warm and greasy thickness that defined the ATC-1.

Discrete hardware analog distortion and crossmod, externally patchable ringmod circuits, programmable S.E.M. modes and a triangle/square combi L.F.O. waveform round out the reeducation of this star pupil of ANALOGIA INC. Now it's ready to teach you the analog street knowledge it's perfected.

Also available in the ATC-1's classic black with crayon colors style as the ATC-1X.

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