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Subject: ATC-X...
Date: 3/10/10 1:36 PM
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Hi, i've been playing with my new ATC-Xi a few days now, and it sounds great! I love that you can disable tracking for osc 2 and then control its pitch with a CC :)
Cheers André Hallgrimsen

Subject: atc-x
Date: 11/8/09 3:35 AM
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Hi guys, Last year I have bought a second hand ATC-X, and i love it to death! Great great synthsizer, thanks! Cheers, Geoffrey Tonkens, The Netherlands

Subject: ATC-X: leave powered up or not?
Date: 9/18/09 10:40 PM
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Hi guys, Just bought an ATC-X and am totally smitten. You have profoundly rocked my world.
Anyway, this beast will live in a studio where most gear stays on all the time. Would you recommend leaving the ATC on or should I just power it up each time it's making music?
BONUS QUESTION: I'm so enthralled that I may also pick up an SE-1 available locally. Did the SE-1 have the discreet VCA?
Thanks in advance for any illumination you can provide. cheers, michael dukes nashville

Subject: ATC-1 with 4 internal filters...
Date: 8/15/09 4:37 AM
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Dear SE staff, I am proud owner of ATC-1 (OS 2.3) with 4 internal filters...
BR Ivan Hirländer Bratislava, Slovakia, EU

Subject: ATC-X Filter board Date:
6/17/08 11:13 AM
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Hi Marc, I received and installed the filterboard thanks, the filters are just awsome! what a synth!! really really happy... I shipped the MINI filter back to you today, you should receive it within a week I suppose....
Well thanks again! Fabrice

Subject: ATC-X from Thomann
Date: 7/11/07 7:11 AM
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Hello, I own the ATC-X module and I totally love it! I bought it 2002 from Thomann (Germany) and it works really great! Thank you!
Jonne Valtonen

Subject: re. Weird guy from Canada... you sold me
Date: 7/6/05 11:07 AM - 8/10/05 4:26 PM
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Hey Marc, I have an ATC-X. Actually it was a real pain to get. You might remember cause I had to call you about it. I bought and paid for a quad filter X from 8th Street, but they sent me the mini only version. I told them, but they didn't believe me so I called you and you checked and found out they never even had a quad version. Eventually I finally got the right one. I love it, but I can't wait to hear this new amp... I had a chance to try out some of the new patches [Bass & Booty 1st] by the way. Really, really fantastic! I've only heard the Moog basses, but it's clearly a very well done patch set. I really can't wait to hear them with the new amp [MIDIMINIAFY].
Thanks so much,
Scott McFadyen

Subject: ATC-X / eBay Seller Analogiatrades
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 10:50 PM
Sent to: "Marc St. Regis" <>

Hello Marc,
the ATCX is arrived yesterday. Oh man, it's simply amazing... many many thanks!!
Ciao e ancora grazie!
Giacomo Galgani

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