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TRUE HYPE—Currently unavailable. Think Boomstar Modular!

Electronica and Hiphop sounds emerge equally with transcendental control and flexibility––wait, you know that already, or at least you should!––from this Nova Musik co-designed ATC-X, which smoothes the Triangle wave of OSC 1 into a purely gorgeous Sine Wave. A front panel switchable amplifier: the ATC-X's Moog Source transistor array style, or the classic SE-1X fully discrete Minimoog style amplifier provides choice of color and clarity where you want—scratch that, need it most.

Same X Model strength patches and sound engine, "Quad Filter System" efficiency versatility and warmth, discrete hardware analog distortion and crossmod, externally patchable ringmod circuits, programmable S.E.M. modes and triangle/square combi L.F.O., drive this massively monophonic Nova-flavored machine.

Black and cream minimalist visuals don't disappoint either...

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