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  • Multi-filter Powered

    Quad Filter System Satisfaction: Classic Mini, Obie, 303 and 2600 discrete hardware filters drive and color this very personal, powerful "Xi" Analog Tone Chameleon.

  • OSC 1 Sine Wave

    Pure Sine wave goodness for Oscillator 1. Maintain a smooth and balanced tone, no matter how progressive the rest of your synth programming talking points are.

  • Switchable Amplifier

    Front panel flickable amp... feels good no? The crispness of a Moog® Source style transistor array tonight; perhaps the classic SE-1X discrete wallop tomorrow, babe?

  • External Input

    Process unbalanced signals to balance your creativity. You decide what's crucial. Everything that usually affects the OSCs hugs and shapes your "Xi's" input info.

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