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Subject: Re: [studioelectronics] New ATC-Xi owner here, please help
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 17:33:42 -0500
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The group has moved... to Google... don't worry about the membrane. They work pretty well and can be replaced, though mine still hasn't worn out. Still think the ATC is in many ways the best SE made.
Erik Ribeiro

Subject: Studio Electronics ATC-Xi controller for TouchOSC (iPad)...
Date: 9/17/10 4:51 AM
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Hello! Just love your instruments!!! Please take a look at this project I'm working on: an ATC-Xi controller for TouchOSC (iPad) :P
Video and details:
Thank you so much! Have a nice day!
-- Federico Solazzo +39 3282595925
Skype ID: Alfredsolax,,,

Subject: I want to buy an ATC-Xi from you
Date: 5/12/10 8:45 PM
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Heven-O I love your synths and im buying the atc-xi from nova music... It looks like it has all the mods except for maybe the midi mod. I know you guys also sell your gear direct...
Thank you,
Stephen Coker

Subject: ATC-Xi Quad Filter Sytem playing Electro-Pop
Date: 5/5/10 8:11 PM
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hey gang! listen what i have done with this wonderful machine!.. this track was done 100% out of the ATC-Xi. All of the sounds! i'm very happy how it comes out!
Lucho Molinari Argentina

Subject: ATC-Xi...
Date: 3/10/10 1:36 PM
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Hi, i've been playing with my new ATC-Xi a few days now, and it sounds great! I love that you can disable tracking for osc 2 and then control its pitch with a CC :)
Cheers André Hallgrimsen

Subject: atc-xi and code sound and preset question!
Date: 10/30/08 12:39 PM
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hi, Studio electronics. here's the question. Can the Code re-create all the sounds of the ATC-1Xi exactly if both the code and the ATC-xi have the four available filters? I love the demo of the ATC-x that you have on your webpage which cycles through some sounds, but i love the knobs and voice expandibility of the code. what to do!

Subject: Re: New ATC-Xi...
Date: 12/31/07 2:03 PM
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I spoke with Greg on the phone today and as you promised, he's taking good care of me. He believes that I have a defective RAM chip and is expresing a couple out to me today. :) Keep up the stellar work! Even though it's been a bumpy start, I feel very comfortable working with your company and look forward to continuing to do so in the future (when I can afford a CODE!).
Have a Happy New Year!
Kind Regards,

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