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  • Filter Control Section

    Sweep through all the filter types and modes: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass & Band Reject, in real time. Access 6 other key filter tweaks via the switch matrix.

  • 1 - 8 Chnl. Filterbank

    Replay / rethink a retro mono mix through the C.O.D.E.'s auto triggering external input processor, or slam up to 8 of the Ins. Assignable env 3 knobs make it hands-on.

  • 8 "Sines" for OSC 1

    ARP Odyssey-esque sinewave sweetness where once cruel and "triannical" waveforms ruled. Think: purity of tone remaining constant; in every sonic situation.

  • Theriot & Cadix Banks

    Standard. A serious value and thrilling jumping off point for programmers and sound selectors alike. Cadix co-designed
    w/cool Catero Colbert & SE's own Brian Scroggins.

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