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  • Multi-filter Powered

    Classic Mini, Obie, are standard; SE's 303, 2600 and dual resonant CS80 style filters can be added in any configuration to the two empty docking slots per voice board.

  • Multitimbral Flexible

    Never venture beyond program mode or boldy redisign in Multimbral mode using splits, layers prepared (one MIDI # up to 8 different sounds!), and multichannel setups.

  • 8 Individual Outs

    Each voice is a complete sythnthesizer so why not wire it up accordingly? Eight TRS connections can make that happen at home or on the go; hot & clean Stereo & Mono too.

  • 8 External Inputs

    8 autotriggering external inputs: lock 'em to MIDI clock, rock crossmod, 2600 & CS-80 filters, 30+ simultaneous mods, real-time CCs––transmit your front panel tweaks!

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