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Subject: Fw: Code 8
Date: 4/15/11 4:14 PM
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I want to say again THANK YOU for your great job and for my new Code 8. You're a true professional and your Dad proud of you, I know. I just learned that on January 20 he surrendered to Christ. Greg, I remember those days in January very well, since then I found the noise in the Code 5. Today I read again our correspondence in those days and looked at from another angle to our letters and on you..
Now you are the eldest in the family clan?
I believe that family clan is in good hands!
Dad and God bless you.

Say hello to the whole family and Tim.
Your satisfied customer on the other side of the Earth,

Subject: Omega Sounds
Date: 2/17/11 9:28 PM
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Hi Marc,
Thanks for dropping by the booth! Funny you mention that program; it's always one of my favorites to play. It's a key-gated sequence, with aftertouch adding release time, and the mod wheel drastically changing the delay time.

Some nice analog coming from the omega also!

Subject: New Omega owner here, please help
Date: 10/7/10 10:09 AM
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Dear Sirs,
I am a happy owner of the Studio Electronics Omega 8 with 2 Voices. Now I've decided to add more voices up to 8 and also to install Omega Series Filters: 303, ARP 2600, CS-80.
I live in Russia, in Moscow and I have a question to you:
1. Can I make the upgrade myself by buying more voices and filters and installing them at home conditions according to your instructions? Thank you.
Loktev Vitalij

Subject: My beloved Omega 8 has suffered a voice injury!
Date: 7/13/10 7:11 PM
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Whats up Greg or Marc, it's Smokey proud owner of a Omega 8 for about 5 or so years. How are you guys? The other day while playing my Omega...

Subject: Omega
Date: 4/9/10 5:13 AM
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Hi guys,
I just thought I'd let you know that I've joined the omega 8 family. I bought Lee Janda's omega 8 this week: what a beauty. I was under the impression that the omega was (essentially) 8 atcs but it sounds even better (I spent some time doing comparisons)...
Thanks and regards,

Subject: Omega 8 voice boards!
Date: 3/4/10 10:18 PM
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Hi there,
I just bought one of your amazing Omega 8 synths second hand, and it's in great nick. Nice blue front panel, and 4 voices with cs-80 filters, and op amps too. I am hoping to upgrade to six voices soon. I checked under the hood (had to re-align a few cards after shipping, but it's all fine) and the existing cards have the red-star stickers on the cpus.
Do I need to upgrade the existing cards to green-star cpus and do the envelope speed tweak first? If so can I do this myself? ...anyway thanks for your time, please let me know if I need to provide any further info, and thanks for making great synths!

Subject: Omega Synth Filter Inputs Midi Fun
Date: 12/8/09 10:35 PM
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I remain a happy user of SE synths. In my indie rock days, the SE1 was a reliable source of warm synth sounds that sounded great through a guitar cabinet along with loud electric guitars. These days, doing soundtrack work for an online comic called Manmachine (, I use an Omega polysynth happily.
I'd like to point out a possible route to increased musical happiness in the universe:
The Omega is pretty unusual in having poly-voice filter inputs. The problem is feeding these filter inputs intelligent data is difficult. For example, the Tx802 (yamaha) synth is an ideal source of FM oscillators for the Omega.. And indeed, it sounds great through the Omega filters, particularly the Arp filter. HOWEVER, it is difficult if not impossible to find a midi solution to the voice assignment problem. There are software solutions... The filter distortion is just so tasty, and so far beyond FM7, the Fs1r, etc.
Royce Lee

Subject: Omega 8 Tune-Up: Re-calibration
Date: 8/13/09 5:06 AM
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i would like to know if Omega 8 Tune-Up: Re-calibration (Code: OM8TRC Price: $299.00) is available (and pertinent) for the small chassis Omega 2...
Also, as i m buying the Omega 2 from ebay...
I m already a proud owner of the SE1-X NE and ATC-X and looking very forward to a new SE addition to the pack.
Best regards,
Antonin / Southsoniks

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