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SE-1X PRAISE, pg. 1

Subject: SE-1X Tuning/Keyboard Tracking Question
Date: 1/15/11 9:28 PM
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I'm the ecstatic new owner of a SE-1X Red Eye. Having only had digital hardware synths before I can say I've now seen the ANALOG light and there's no turning back. Thank you for making such an amazing device!
Brandon R.

Subject: New Omega owner here, please help
Date: 10/7/10 10:09 AM
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Hey Studio Electronics,
I had a quick question... I recently purchased an original SE-1 (serial number C2931, software ver 2.51)... absolutely LOVE the sounds I can get out of this thing...

Subject: New owner of a SE-1X
Date: 5/17/10 10:35 AM
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Just became a proud owner of a SE-1X. It's truly amazing and I regret not getting one earlier! I picked it up second hand and so I'm wondering if I still can register it somehow and get support if needed? Just noticed that all the patches in banks 6 through 8 have weird characters and symbols instead of names and sound bad, is this something to be worried about? Overwriting these with new ones works fine still. Got os v.0.85. Thanks in advance for any help.
Adam Edelmann (Sweden)

Subject: SE-1X
Date: 11/21/09 9:01 PM
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... I absolutely love this synth!

Jacob Coppel

Subject: Studio Electronics SE-1x
Date: 4/14/09 2:02 AM
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I recently purchased a used SE-1x, serial number 4188. I love it. I have a Moog Voyager as well and I'm really impressed by how defined and aggressive the SE-1x is. Mine appears to be a unique version. The faceplate is all black with white lettering and all green LEDs. It has the fuzz switch and even though it says that the first waveform is a triangle on oscillator two, it is in fact a sine wave. Very cool.

Also, I have an ATC-X Quad coming to me this week. What is the difference between the ATC-X and the ATC-Xi and can the ATC-X be upgraded to the -Xi spec? Thank you,

Subject: SE-1x Manual
Date: 3/19/09 2:33 PM
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Got the SE-1x back...sounds awesome...

Khari Cain

Subject: I have a huge problem with SE-1x...
Date: 3/11/09 7:51 PM
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My name is Sergey Kharuta. I'm from Moscow Russia. Recently I bought SE-1x. I adore this instrument and it's sound... I just LOVE it.
Sergey Kharuta

Subject: se-1x AMAZING!
Date: 2/4/09 10:58 PM
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hi guys,
we are a sydney act doing lots of dance stuff and pop and hip hop production.
we are big fans of your stuff. our friend kim from a band called "The Presets" raves about the omega8. we have had the opportunity to play around with the se-1x and have been mighty impressed. amazing bass - and filters sound great too. we are looking at getting one...
many thanks,

Subject: [studioelectronics] Logic Pro and the SE-1x
Date: 6/24/07 2:31 PM
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Hello there.
I just bought my first ever hardware piece which is the SE-1X and got it today.
I love it!!!

Subject: Problem with SE-1X
Date: 6/19/07 11:48 AM
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Hi guys,
i have just bought a second hand SE-1X v.0.75 and I have to say that this is a fantastic machine!

Thanks, best regards... Christian Askvig

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