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Not just prettier...

The X-Upgrade is comprised of a new computer board, DAC calibration & external input modification––the external input was an option on the SE-1. A redesigned front panel, new chassis and back panel are also available separately, or as a package.

What separates the SE-1X from the now discontinued SE-1?

4 ROM Banks (396 locations).
4 RAM Banks (396 locations).
A total of 198 new sounds featuring the Lexington G and Allec Series banks.
Expanded Modulation capabilities.
Enhanced MIDI specs.
3 MIDI-syncable L.F.O.s.
Tight new look - New logo, sharper front and back panel graphics and text.
Flash-ROM Web-updateable Operating Software.
Smoother tweaking and MIDI transmission of front panel pots (switches send info. as well).
External Audio Input.
1 year parts & labor warranty coverage.
The Scroggins Synquence electro-styled bank (optional)

In short, more, much more, of "Caswellz Genius" and the globally acclaimed programming savvy of Rionero's Sons, those virtuoso sonic avengers, masters of shadow and the illuminant.

Inside and Out Upgrade Approach:

$ 399.00 - Computer Board Upgrade (Factory Install Price)
$ 139.00 - Redesigned Front Panel
$ 129.00 - New Back and Chassis
$ 39.00 - Scroggins Synquence Electro-styled Bank (savings of $50)
$ 706.00 + shipping & handling

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