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It's about DAW time.

Our stand-alone app and plugin dedicated to the Omega/CODE series has graduated—again: Ver. 3 is now fully vetted. This handiwork of sound designer and engineer Emmanuel Santoul (as you might already know) essentially floats an expanded virtual Omega/CODE above the real synth in your studio, making possible an ease, clarity, inventiveness—an artistry of programming and organization, not imagined even by designer Tim Caswell, who is nevertheless thrilled to have his work revived, revised, and amplified by Monsieur Santoul.

This cross-platform product affords full, real-time control for all sound parameters, provides library management, vastly extended memory capabilities—and does this really amazing random patch generation thing. The best part? A firmware update of your synth is not needed to run this remarkably useful and entertaing software.

The plugin version lets you benefit from the full power and integration of your DAW.

Note: The app and plugin do not generate sound; they only address MIDI and SysEx data.

Version 3 Upgrades
Improved global view: size of the interface and the synth model choice: CODE, CODE Matrix CODE Clean, CODE Black, Omega Grey, Omega Black (6 UIs); bank list now displays the filter type used per bank entry.

Sneak Peak

Mac: OS X Lion (10.7) and higher, 6​4 bit Audio Unit, VSTi and app.​
PC: WN7 and higher, 3​2 & 64 bit VSTi, 32 bit app.


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