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Santoul Suite (Version 2.0) of our SE-02 Software Editor is now available! With a brilliant bundle of Standalone and Plug-In—some two years in the perfecting—V2 hasn’t sacrificed its vast programming options, full real-time control, providing immediate access to all synth parameters, and high value-added functions such as "Patch Blending," and "Random Patch Generation.” Now in a larger, more luxurious, feature expanded & panelized UI for the app, the Santoul Suite is even easier on the eyes and work-flow; V2 Plug-In also shares the new expanded feature set!

Need to import/export full patch banks or individual patches and share sound programming with other users of this software? Much easier now, and expressive sound design not standard on your synthesizer can now be explored, and likely most importantly, visualized, where not possible before, simplifying, and amplifying your most detailed and demanding '02 analog visions.

Interact with the software in the same way you would with the front panel controls of this Boutique; the seamless integration and coordination of the two closely interacting systems—real and virtual—will greatly expand your grasp of the total signal, timbre, and control flow; all sound parameters are visualized by this software (even with the plug-in), so why not take advantage of the uncloaked advanced sound programming techniques, employed by the sound designers of the 4 ROM sound banks, and benefit from this highly illuminating feature not found on SE-02 Editor competitors.

Copying & pasting and rearranging your patches—challenging with just the box and your DAW in front of you—is now gentle on the mind; perhaps even enjoyable now. Saving and reloading banks, all within a few minutes, without disconnecting, power recycling, reconnecting, dragging folders... yeah, no. Transcending the single User Bank also frees things up nicely, while reducing unintentional overwrites.

Previous Editor Versions FAQ Anticipator
Basic - Discontinued; Santoul 1.4 - Upgradeable; Plug-in - Now only bundled with Santoul Suite (V2)

1. Official Roland approved and supported editor.
1. Enlarged and feature expanded UI for the Standalone.
3. Complete front panel implementation with expanded features.
4. Alpha-numeric patch naming/renaming.
5. "Visual Learn" of sound programming from ROM banks.
6. Deep and detailed Patch and Bank exploration and modification.
7. Visual Patch edit and compare of all parameters.
8. Sound library building and management.
9. Bank saving/loading without disconnecting, rebooting, and reconnecting.
10. Expressive MIDI Learn/Random Patch Generator.
11. Patch Blending: morphs two patches into a new storeable sound.
12. 2 interaction modes: shift+click or 2 finger tap.
13. Crazy useful (and very French) random patch name generator.

Mac: OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher, 64bits app; PC: Win7 and higher 32bits app. It's likely you will need to update your synth’s firmware. Get the latest here.

Santoul Suite License
Santoul Suite: Standalone & Plugin $24.99

Santould Suite Upgrade License

Product ID / Activation Key

Once the customer's Product ID is submitted via email, an actual person (we're not Roland after all) will issue your Activation Key generally within minutes, but it can take longer, so we thank you in advance for your patience and grace under pressure. And of course it will be worth the wait—if there is one.

The compressed PC and Mac file extension (.zip) is mysteriously deleted after downloading in some cases, so please add .zip back to the end of the file name if necessary, so the Editor can be properly identified and decompressed.

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