This item and/or service is/are still available, but the purchase method is PayPal exclusively (and not through the online store): studioelectronics@sbcglobal.net

Please refer to the prices for the items listed below. There are two shipping options which include handling: First Class Mail, $10, or Flate Rate Global Priority, $35.

Make sure to include your shipping info. in the PayPal details. 10 to 14 days for processing is typical (for the ATC (X) and SE-1 OS upgrades four to six weeks).

And thanks for keeping your legacy SE products in the mix.

ATC-1 2.3 OS Upgrade: $25
ATC-X 1.3 OS Upgrade: $25
Omega Series Discreet Op Amps X3: $275
Omega 8 Tune-Up: Factory Install: $359
Omega 8 Tune-Up: Kit Form: $259
Omega 8 Tune-Up: Re-calibration: $399
Omega Voice Board: $475
SE-1 OS 2.51 Upgrade: $21
SE-1X Computer Board Upgrade: $399
SE-1X Front Panel: $299
SE-1X Rear Panel and Chassis: $129
SE-1X Inside and Out "X" Upgrade: $699

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