Upgrade items are available for purchase only through our PayPal account directly: studioelectronics@sbcglobal.net and not our online store. Email us at support@studioelectronics.com to request a PayPal invoice, which will include shipping.

Please refer to the prices for the items listed below.

Make sure to include your shipping info. in the PayPal details. Expect 10 - 14 days for software upgrade delivery, and depending upon production activity, a long lead time could be associated with SE-1X CPU upgrades: approx. 4-6 weeks.

And thanks for keeping your legacy SE products in the mix!

ATC-1 2.3 OS Upgrade: $34.
ATC-X 1.4 OS Upgrade: $34.
Omega Series Discreet Op Amps x3: $299.
Omega/CODE Factory Hardware & Software Upgrade w/Tune & Calibration: $550.
Omega/CODE Factory Complete Tune & Calibration $325.
Omega Voice Board: $525.
SE-1 OS 2.51 Upgrade: $30.
1/1X Oscillator Tuning/Calibration: $60.
SE-1X Computer Board Upgrade: $525.
SE-1X CPU Upgrade bundled w/3X OS: $575.

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