Upgrade items are available for purchase only through our PayPal account directly: studioelectronics@sbcglobal.net and not our online store.

Please refer to the prices for the items listed below.

Make sure to include your shipping info. in the PayPal details. We only ship FedEx International Priority: $34.00. 10 to 14 days for processing is typical for the ATC (X) and SE-1 OS upgrades require 4 to 6 weeks.

And thanks for keeping your legacy SE products in the mix!

ATC-1 2.3 OS Upgrade: $25
ATC-X 1.3 OS Upgrade: $25
Omega Series Discreet Op Amps X3: $275
Omega 8 Tune-Up: Factory Install: $359
Omega 8 Tune-Up: Kit Form: $259
Omega 8 Tune-Up: Re-calibration: $399
Omega Voice Board: $475
SE-1 OS 2.51 Upgrade: $21
SE-1X Computer Board Upgrade: $399
SE-1X Front Panel: $299
SE-1X Rear Panel and Chassis: $129
SE-1X Inside and Out "X" Upgrade: $699

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