Email us your name, address, point of purchase, and serial # (for verification purposes) to and cc, and we will send your Version 2.02 upgrade chip regular post, for $21.00. PayPal Expedited shipping available upon request.

Online installation instructions are to be found at

Units with serial #s 100343-100373 have version 2.0 installed; units with serial #s 100374-100398, 2.01; units with serial #s 100399 and beyond, 2.02.

2.0 adds the note overflow mode, stores the midi channel, improves the resolution of the LFO speed in the typical use area, lengthens the LFO trigger pulse to get more use of that function, adds exponential response to modwheel and aftertouch, and fixes a bug in the UART that was most likely causing some locks and hangs. (#s 100343-100373).

2.01 fixes: Fixed volume 0 bug sent by reset-all-controllers (#s 100374-100398).

2.02 fixes: C-2 note buffer "clearer" removed, which created drop pitch/clicking artifacts on start-stop and looping. If your serial number is below #100173, you might consider sending your Boomstar to us for the update. We've made some vital changes to the hardware that improve performance, including a difinitive refinement of the envelopes on units between #100173 and #100250 (standard on serial #s 100350 and above).

Only units with serial #s 100343 and above have shipped with Version 2.

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