This CODE Cadix patch bank (burned into RAM bank 4) should appeal to all Omega programmers; the classic wurlys, organs, multi-layered pads, synthetic drum smashes, super subs, and gleaming eventful FX, are as useful as they are inventive. Cadix is co-designed with cool cat Catero Colbert (no relation) and the brilliant, beloved Brian Scroggins. I really like the percussive patches I Brian and I hammered out in this set, the "Drum 'n' Lines," "Utililcus Percatifs,"—which take full advantage of the slicing, complex, and clangorous crossmod. We left a bit of room for some boomy analog kicks too...

Standard in the CODE, inspiring as a starting point, or play as they are set, for the standard issue Omega.

Secure Bank 4, CADIX at the SE Store

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